This is why I speak in street names

Manning survey

When we gather, we gather at an address.

When we travel, we move from a labeled point of departure to a labeled destination.

For directions, we use deliberate sequences of street names.

Our urban street map gives us a vocabulary.

Our journeys connect the words to give us our stories.

People, who ‘see without perceiving and hear without understanding’, describes us as we describe our movement through Australian cities.

This is why I speak in street names.

Whose names describe our lives, locations and movements?

Our movement is defined by street signs, which are subtitles of stories we are ever-hearing without understanding.

Our points of departure and our destinations are the chapter headings.

Street and place names, used for framing the stories about where we have come from, guide inclusive narrations about how ‘we’ ‘got’ ‘here’.


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