Plover Class

vulture st

After running aground on a ship-wreck

I want spurs on my wings in my next life

So I can get closer.

If you come too close

I’ll fly

You’ll run

We’ll be close for a moment

We’ll remember the danger


What have we gained by having Boundary St, South Brisbane renamed as Vulture St?

There is a kind of folk wisdom around Brisbane that the ‘Vulture’ was a Crimean warship. My reading has revealed that there were two ‘Crimean warships’ called Vulture.   One of them is infamous for having one of its attack crafts captured during a raid in North West Europe, and the other is known as a ‘Plover’ class. The above poem is about these two vessels. Qld Government attributes the naming of Vulture St to Governor George Ferguson Bowen, so I am leaning towards the earlier of the two ships.

Here is an interesting article about raids involving the Vulture and the Leopard.

As I was driving around Spring Hill the other day, I felt that I came closer to a point of contact. I read that there was an ‘area occupied by Crimean and Sudan veterans eking out an existence in tin shanties’ the end of Albert park, near the corner of Wickham Terrace and Upper Albert St. (Spring Hill Heritage Tour, 1997)

This settlement is just on the inside of Boundary St in Spring Hill.

Boundary St, South Brisbane, before it was renamed, has been reduced to a photograph in the John Oxley Library, while Vulture St represents new assertions of Brisbane’s identity, such as cricket at the ‘Gabba and the music of Powderfinger.

Vulture St Station was renamed ‘South Bank’ in 2001.  The reference point is changing.  South Bank is North Jagera Country.


One thought on “Plover Class

  1. Even though the Qld Government’s place names register attributes the renaming (of Boundary St to Vulture St) to Governor Bowen, there are references to Vulture st in Newspaper articles in 1855, which are 4 years before Bowen cam to Brisbane. This makes the claim about Bowen doubtful.


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