Between Adelaide and Victoria

Mellor visit

If there was social media in the French Revolution

I might ‘like’ Princess Adelaide

We’d follow Marie Antoinette, and

Caroline Brunswick, and

The Duchess of Kent

(Hashtag) #Adelaide4William

(Hashtag) #Brunswick4George

I was putting the finishing touches to a reflection on the Willow Pattern and relationships in the British Monarchy before Queen Victoria, when I went to Daniel Mellors ‘Exotic Lies.  Sacred Ties’ exhibition.

Dozens of streets named ‘George’ and dozens named ‘William’ were re-named in the first half of the twentieth century.  The following map of St Lucia (Nov 1924) has George, Victoria, Adelaide and Coronation Drive all in unfamiliar places.  We might learn something by reverting (at least temporarily) to the pre-1924 maps.

‘Regina V’ could be a game or an app

She liked her fame on the map

I’d like to re – de – sign that

Sage graffiti of tin, of steel

That’s hers for now,

She’s trending on Twitter

She’s gone viral on earth

St Lucia 1924

Between Adelaide and Victoria who was the heir?

There’s a mob in South Australia with their hands in the air.

Between Adelaide and Victoria,

There was somebody there.


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