Hold Asia Closer

Dance.  Sing.  Hold creation closer.

Dance. Sing. Hold creation closer.

Sing Creation – ‘Hold Asia Closer’

Dance Creation.  Sing Creation.  Hold Creation closer.

I wonder how the Turrubul and Gabbi Gabbi word ‘Yowagurry’, which means ‘Dance place’ became Enoggera.

It’s not hard to imagine the European ear struggling to hear and write down the word Yowaggury.  If you turn the ‘n’ upside down, or handwrite it or read it carelessly, Enoggera becomes Euoggera.  Looking back, our surveyors don’t appear to have been too precious about spelling.  Is it true that the celebrated surveyor, Matthew Flinders, was the one who added an ‘e’ to the Earl of Morton’s name to give us Moreton Bay?

Hold creation closer…  Hold Asia close…  It’s all good.


2 thoughts on “Hold Asia Closer

  1. “The name Enoggera itself if an anglicised adaptation of the Aboriginal word EUGORA, meaning a place of waters… The original word was YAUAGAROO meaning Corroboree, dance and sing. Named for the creek as EUOGGERA, and hence the U corrupted to N, the name given by surveyor James Warner about 1840.” (From Enoggera District Heritage Trail)


    1. “Enoggera is a corruption of YOWAGURRY, which in Turrbal and Gubbi Gubbi means DANCE PLACE” (Nurdon Serico, Elder, Gubbi Gubbi Peoples in introduction to Brisbane History Group 2010 publication).


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