Untraditional Custodians?

blog feature

Here is some background to the concept I’m exploring with this blog.

Thanks to Urban Seed for publishing this article.

Here’s the abstract for “Untraditional Custodians: Transport corridors as creation stories of Australian cities”

The words which are used to describe movement in Australian cities present a profound challenge to the practice of respect for the Traditional Owners in Australia. People, who “see without perceiving and hear without understanding,” is an apt definition of urban populations describing movement around Australian cities. Australia’s vocabulary of urban place names is based upon a phenomenon of creating memorials, in the form of street and place names. The origins of many of these memorials have been forgotten, lost or ignored. Those which are remembered are often remembered within a particular antiquated framework for speaking of the past. “Speaking in street names” re-invigorates these memorials to enable healing. Every commuter is the “untraditional” custodian of at least one face of the multi-faceted story about the creation of Australian cities.


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