Background Sounds

fleurs estate

Ballan Estate map, featuring Peterson’s “Fleurs” Estate and the re-naming of Government Rd to become ‘Hawthorne St’, from John Oxley Library


I’m thrilled to provide the background sounds for the opening of the Gabba Hill Community Garden.

For me, the place names are the background sounds of this area.  However, on this occasion, the memorials to folks of yesteryear are put to the music of our homemade marimbas.

Standing on the Gabba Hill, we look north to Vulture St and the Captain Cook bridge.  We look west to Gladstone Rd and Mt Coot-tha.  We look south to the old Lady Diamantina Hospital and Boggo Rd gaol.  We look east towards Moreton Bay.

We look over valleys – over Woolloongabba.  Is is swirling waters or is it a place for fighting talk?  To the east, Logan Rd runs into Wellington Road.  To the west, is Clarence Corner, Clarence St.  To the south, Abingdon St is a re-naming of William St – possibly a reference to King William, himself the re-named Duke of Clarence.

The old boundary roads are now known as Vulture St and Wellington Rd.

We look up to the sky, always expecting something spectacular.

I’ve tried to support the day-to-day soundtrack of this view with music and lyric.

Here is the set list

BACKGROUND SOUNDS (a.k.a. place names) in our VIEW FROM the GABBA HILL

Tales of Brave UlyssesWhat did we gain from Bowen’s re-naming of Boundary St in South BRISBANE?

Gandanga (Freedom Fighter) in WOOLLOONGABBA (the place for fighting talk)

Regimental song for – (East) BRISBANE (feat. WELLINGTON Rd and King GEORGE St) , the South Staffordshire Regiment,  ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’

There might be honey up on One Tree Hill, but who’s going to listen, even if you tell?

Fisherfolk crossed the valley and stirred the water with their feet

Boolavogue (feat. Captain LOGAN and King GEORGE St)

 Regimental song – Duke of CLARENCE (CORNER)

For each un-harmful, gentle soul, Misplaced inside a jail, We gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing…

I have heard it said that the word 'Marimba' means ''talking wood'

I have heard it said that the word ‘Marimba’ means ”talking wood’


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